Dr. Debra Anastasio, LLC


Naturopathic Physician- Private Practice and Personalized Wellness Services
Professional and Public Speaker for a Wide Variety of Medical and Mind-Body-Spirit Topics
Author of Natural Health & Spiritual Publications
Eclectic Artist of Photography, Nature Crafts, Healing Sanctuary Items, Sand Art and Songs
Natural Chef, Nutritionist & Cooking Teacher
Available as Keynote Speaker and Workshop & Retreat Presenter


Welcome to our site to begin your healing journey.  Whether you have already tried natural treatments or not, you are sure to find something new to add to your wellness endeavors.  Dr. Anastasio offers a variety of ways for you to help yourself heal and move forward in life  in a positive direction.  Receive Naturopathic care in her office, attend a lecture or workshop intensive, read a book to guide you, use handmade products to heal you, or place artistic creations in your personal living space for overall well being.

Healing with Dr. Anastasio